6 Mix don’t match. Break the rules and indulge your senses with mixed patterns and palettes. Take a test drive by choosing a wild assortment of new pillows for your sofa or bed, or a crazy-beautiful bunch of bed linens from separate families. Don’t be shy, the whole idea is to be way, way out there. 4 Traveling the globe to bring you the best. Tracy Christman, creative lead for our Vendor Alliance program. Our own Style Hunter, Tracy Christman, has spent 23 years traveling the world to find the latest and the best in fabrics, style, design, technology and more. Our years of global relationships with top designers and manufacturers shows up for our customers every day, with beautiful style, the latest trends, and hundreds of choices in every budget category. Indulge your sensibilities in velvet, linen, fun fur, and ”rustic glam”. 1 Casual luxuries and lots of textures offer a bit of calm amidst the chaos. Start small with velvet pillows, faux fur throws. Or go big with velvet sofas, linen draperies, and lots of metallic finishes. Richer finishes used in more casual ways are just the ticket. And maybe “Rustic glam” is made for you — a soft, eclectic style using weathered woods, bright whites, clean lines and lots of sparkle. “It’s all part of a larger macrotrend of comfort… We’re all looking for this sense of comfort and having a place to rest in all the chaos…you’ll continue to see faux fur, mohair and other luxuriously soft materials…” Elle Decor, Dec. 2016 Photo courtesy of Home Interior Warehouse + = Hygge! The Danish invasion of North America. This hot design trend is all about simplicity and the beauty of life. Roughly translated, Hygge means “coziness.” Pair sophisticated modern design with accessories that are soft, sensual and very inviting. And it can be as simple as adding candles, pillows, drapes, soft cozy everything. 2 Contemporary + Antiques All-one-period is a big yawn, but a brilliant marriage of diverse style is a union that can last forever. Have some antiques you love? Mix them in with more current furniture, art, and collectibles. Opposites really do attract, and this look will stay classic for years to come. 5 3 Get smart. Shades down, lights on, temp higher, music louder — you and your smart phone rule the home universe. Smart Home technology allows you to control your temperature, music, even your appliances while you’re at home or away. Fabulous, fun, and also gives you safety, security, and increased energy conservation. Window coverings that take remote orders to open and close can stop the heat of the day, save energy at night, and also make it appear that you’re home, even when you’re not. That’s smart. DESIGN TRENDS THAT WILL LIVE AND FLOURISH WELL INTO 2019. MIX IT UP, GO GLAM, GET SOFTER, SMARTER AND MORE GLOBAL.